Endress+Hauser in Iraq

Endress+Hauser: A Global Leader in Process Automation

Endress+Hauser is a leading provider of process automation solutions for various industries, including chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, and water and wastewater. Founded in 1953 in Switzerland, Endress+Hauser has grown to become a global leader in the design, manufacture, and service of process automation systems and solutions. With operations in more than 100 countries and a workforce of over 14,000 employees, Endress+Hauser in Iraq is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that improve the efficiency and reliability of its customers’ operations.
Endress+Hauser is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of process automation solutions for various industries, including petrochemicals. The company was founded in 1953 in Switzerland and has since expanded its operations to over 100 countries worldwide. Endress+Hauser’s products are widely used in various applications across the petrochemical industry, including oil and gas production, refining, and distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While some export restrictions may apply, Endress+Hauser boasts a substantial inventory readily available in Iraq to satisfy most industrial process needs.

The company has established a well-resourced service center in Iraq, staffed by qualified engineers who provide prompt technical support, ensuring optimal instrument performance.

Absolutely. Endress+Hauser’s experienced engineers possess the requisite knowledge to design and implement comprehensive measurement solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Endress+Hauser maintains a thorough understanding of Iraqi industry standards and directives. Their instruments are designed to comply with relevant specifications, providing clients with peace of mind.

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Year of Establishment and Location

Endress+Hauser was founded in 1953 in Lenzburg, Switzerland. Today, the company is headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland. Endress+Hauser in Iraq has been a trusted partner for process industries since 2007, offering a wide range of measurement instrumentation and solutions.

Year of Establishment and Location

Endress+Hauser Products

Endress+Hauser’s portfolio includes a wide range of products and services for process automation, including measurement instruments, analytical instruments, automation solutions, and services. The company’s offerings are designed to help customers optimize their processes, reduce downtime, and improve safety and environmental performance. Endress+Hauser’s focus on innovation and sustainability has led to the development of advanced technologies such as digital solutions, predictive analytics, and renewable energy systems.
Flow Measurement: Endress+Hauser’s flow measurement products are designed to provide accurate measurement of fluid flow in petrochemical processes. The company offers a variety of flow measurement types, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and Coriolis flow meters. These products are designed to provide high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. Endress+Hauser in Iraq provides complete solutions for the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Primaries & Metal, and Power & Energy industries. 
Level Measurement: Endress+Hauser’s level measurement products are designed to provide accurate measurement of fluid levels in petrochemical processes. The company offers a variety of level measurement types, including radar, ultrasonic, and capacitive level sensors. These products are designed to provide high accuracy and reliability in demanding applications.
Pressure Measurement: Endress+Hauser’s pressure measurement products are designed to provide accurate measurement of fluid pressure in petrochemical processes. The company offers a variety of pressure measurement types, including pressure transmitters, switches, and gauges. These products are designed to provide high accuracy and stability in harsh environments.

Applications of Endress+Hauser in Petrochemicals

Endress+Hauser’s products have several applications in petrochemicals, including:

  1. Oil and Gas Production: Endress+Hauser’s flow measurement and level measurement products are used in oil and gas production processes to monitor fluid levels and flow rates. This helps to optimize production and ensure safety. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is committed to providing local support to its customers, with a team of experienced engineers and technicians. 
  2. Refining: Endress+Hauser’s flow measurement and pressure measurement products are used in refining processes to monitor fluid flow rates and pressure. This helps to optimize efficiency and ensure product quality.
  3. Distribution: Endress+Hauser’s flow measurement and level measurement products are used in distribution processes to monitor fluid levels and flow rates. This helps to ensure safety and efficiency in the transportation of petrochemical products.
Applications of Endress+Hauser in Petrochemicals

Supply and Stock Management

From meticulous inventory management to streamlined supply chain operations, Endress+Hauser prioritizes efficient product delivery, ensuring customers receive what they need, exactly when they need it. Utilizing cutting-edge inventory management systems, Endress+Hauser meticulously tracks stock levels, optimizing each step of the supply chain. “Endress+Hauser in Iraq” offers a comprehensive range of services, including engineering, procurement, commissioning, and calibration. This unwavering commitment to efficiency has established Endress+Hauser as a formidable competitor within its industry.

Endress+Hauser in Dubai operates as a key player in the region’s industrial automation and process instrumentation sector. The presence of Endress Hauser in Dubai signifies a commitment to providing innovative solutions for various industries. Endress+Hauser in Dubai offers a wide range of products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of the Middle Eastern market. With its state-of-the-art facilities, Endress Hauser in Dubai ensures reliable support and timely delivery of solutions to its customers.

Annual Revenue

In 2020, Endress+Hauser’s revenue reached an impressive CHF 2.6 billion, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that its customers receive the best possible products and services. This achievement wasn’t a sudden surge, but rather the culmination of years of consistent growth, averaging 5.5% annually between 2015 and 2020. This remarkable trajectory is a testament to the company’s strategic diversification across various markets and its robust global presence. Even amidst economic turbulence, Endress+Hauser’s diverse portfolio and extensive reach have ensured its financial stability, propelling it towards continued success in the years to come.

Endress Hauser in Dubai serves as a hub for technical expertise and customer service excellence in the region. The strategic location of Endress Hauser in Dubai allows for efficient distribution and logistics operations. Endress+Hauser in Dubai collaborates closely with local industries to enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

Annual Revenue

Endress+Hauser Export Policy

Endress+Hauser is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly, and this commitment extends to our export activities. Our export policy is designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to promote responsible and sustainable trade practices.

Key principles of our export policy:

Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations, including those of the United States, the European Union, and other countries in which we operate. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is a major player in the Iraqi market, with a strong reputation for excellence.

Human rights and ethical sourcing

We are committed to upholding human rights and ethical sourcing practices throughout our supply chain. We do not source materials from countries or suppliers that engage in human rights abuses or unethical labor practices.

Dual-use goods and technology

We are committed to preventing the proliferation of dual-use goods and technology that could be used for military or other harmful purposes. We have implemented a comprehensive export control program to ensure that our products are not used for unintended purposes.

Anti-corruption and bribery

We are committed to conducting business with integrity and transparency. We do not engage in any form of corruption or bribery, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for such activities.
Environmental protection: We are committed to protecting the environment. We comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products and operations.

Endress+Hauser Environment Policy

Endress+Hauser is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We believe that protecting the environment is essential for the future of our planet and our business.
This environment policy outlines our commitment to:

  • Environmental Protection:

Complying with all environmental laws and regulations. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is committed to supporting the development of the Iraqi economy, through its investments and partnerships.
Continually improving our environmental performance by reducing our environmental footprint.
Developing and implementing innovative technologies and solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future.
Promoting environmental awareness and education among our employees, customers, and suppliers.

  • Resource Management:

Conserving resources, such as energy, water, and raw materials.Minimizing waste generation and maximizing recycling and reuse opportunities.
Promoting sustainable production practices throughout our supply chain.

  • Climate Change:

Taking action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
Investing in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies.
Working collaboratively with others to address the challenges of climate change.

  • Biodiversity:

Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems through responsible land use practices.
Contributing to the conservation of endangered species and habitats.
Raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity conservation.

  • Transparency:

Publicly reporting our environmental performance.
Engaging in open dialogue with stakeholders about our environmental commitments.
Holding ourselves accountable for achieving our environmental goals.
Endress+Hauser is committed to environmental leadership and to making a positive impact on the world. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable future for all. 

Endress+Hauser Environment Policy

Employee All Around the World

Endress+Hauser is a leading provider of industrial measurement and automation technology, with over 16,000 employees working in 125 countries around the world. This diverse team represents 92 different nationalities, bringing together a wealth of experience, skills, and perspectives. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is a leading employer in the country, providing jobs and training to local people. 
Endress+Hauser is proud of its inclusive and supportive work environment, where everyone feels valued and respected. The company recognizes the strength that comes from diversity and actively promotes equal opportunities for all employees.

The reputation of Endress+Hauser in Dubai is built upon a legacy of quality, reliability, and innovation. Customers trust Endress Hauser in Dubai for their precise measurement and automation needs. Endress Hauser in Dubai employs a highly skilled workforce dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Through continuous research and development, Endress Hauser in Dubai remains at the forefront of technological advancements. “Endress+Hauser in Dubai” actively participates in industry events and initiatives to promote knowledge sharing and networking.

Collaboration with Customers

Endress+Hauser, a global leader in industrial process automation and instrumentation, has built its success on strong customer collaboration. This collaboration goes beyond simply selling products; it’s about working closely with customers to understand their unique needs and develop solutions that help them achieve their goals.
Here are some key aspects of Endress+Hauser’s collaboration with customers:
Deep understanding: Endress+Hauser invests heavily in understanding its customers’ businesses and challenges. This involves regular dialogue, site visits, and participation in industry events. By truly understanding their customers’ needs, Endress+Hauser can develop solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements.
Joint innovation: Endress+Hauser actively collaborates with customers on joint innovation projects. This allows them to leverage their combined expertise and develop new products and solutions that address the industry’s most pressing challenges. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is a responsible corporate citizen, committed to environmental and social responsibility.
Co-creation of value: Endress+Hauser believes that value is created through collaboration. They work closely with customers to identify opportunities for improvement and develop solutions that deliver measurable results. This co-creation approach ensures that both Endress+Hauser and its customers benefit from the partnership.
Long-term commitment: Endress+Hauser is committed to building long-term relationships with its customers. They provide ongoing support and service to ensure that customers get the most out of their investments. This commitment to customer success is a key factor in Endress+Hauser’s success. 

Collaboration with Customers

Commitment to Sustainability

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in process automation and measurement technology, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The company’s sustainability efforts are focused on three key areas:

1- Environment:

Reducing their own environmental footprint: Endress+Hauser is committed to reducing its own carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures, sustainable sourcing, and waste reduction. They have set ambitious targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.
Developing sustainable products and solutions: Endress+Hauser designs and manufactures products that help their customers to reduce their own environmental impact. This includes products that help to optimize energy and resource use, minimize emissions, and improve waste management.
Promoting sustainability in the industry: Endress+Hauser is actively involved in promoting sustainability within the process automation industry. They work with industry associations and participate in initiatives to develop standards and best practices for sustainable manufacturing.

2- Social:

Promoting responsible sourcing: Endress+Hauser is committed to sourcing materials and products responsibly. They have established a supplier code of conduct that sets out their expectations for social and environmental responsibility.
Supporting diversity and inclusion: Endress+Hauser is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. They offer a variety of programs and initiatives to support employees from all backgrounds.
Investing in communities: Endress+Hauser is committed to giving back to the communities where they operate. They support a variety of charitable organizations and initiatives.

3- Governance:

Integrating sustainability into business strategy: Endress+Hauser has integrated sustainability into its overall business strategy. They have a dedicated sustainability team and have set clear sustainability goals.
Reporting on sustainability performance: Endress+Hauser publishes a comprehensive sustainability report each year. This report provides an overview of their sustainability performance and highlights their progress towards their goals.
Engaging stakeholders: Endress+Hauser engages with stakeholders on sustainability issues. They hold regular meetings with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to discuss their sustainability efforts and gather feedback. 

Future in the Middle East

Fueled by a vision of remarkable expansion across the Middle East, Endress+Hauser is strategically investing in key markets like Iraq, Oman, UAE, and Turkey. This commitment manifests through the construction of cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and the robust expansion of sales and service networks. By delivering reliable and efficient solutions, Endress+Hauser empowers its regional customers to optimize their operations and achieve their ambitious business goals. Endress+Hauser in Iraq is a valuable partner for the future of the country’s process industries.

Future in the Middle East

Endress+Hauser in Iraq

From the heart of Iraq’s bustling oil fields to its vital water treatment plants, Endress+Hauser is a trusted name in process automation. Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, the company empowers diverse industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, and water and wastewater, to achieve operational excellence.
Their extensive portfolio encompasses cutting-edge measurement and analytical instruments, alongside robust automation solutions and dedicated service programs. These offerings are meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of each client, optimizing processes, minimizing downtime, and enhancing safety and environmental performance.
Through close collaboration, Endress+Hauser forges strong partnerships with its Iraqi customers. By gaining a deep understanding of their unique challenges and aspirations, they tailor solutions that deliver impactful results. Ultimately, Endress+Hauser goes beyond mere technology, acting as a catalyst for progress and prosperity within Iraq’s ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Endress+Hauser in Oman

Across the diverse landscape of Oman’s industries, from the vast oil and gas fields to the burgeoning water and wastewater treatment plants, Endress+Hauser stands as a reliable partner for process automation. Their comprehensive portfolio encompasses a spectrum of solutions, from precision measurement instruments and advanced analyzers to cutting-edge automation systems and dedicated support services. Each offering is meticulously crafted to empower customers to optimize their operations, minimize downtime, and elevate both safety and environmental performance.
Endress+Hauser’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mere products. They actively collaborate with their partners in Oman, fostering deep understanding of their specific needs and challenges. This collaborative approach allows them to tailor solutions that address these unique requirements, ensuring lasting success and a sustainable future for Oman’s industries.

Endress+Hauser in Oman

Endress+Hauser in Turkey

Endress+Hauser dominates the Turkish landscape of process automation, delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and even water management. Their extensive portfolio encompasses everything from cutting-edge measurement and analytical instruments to comprehensive automation solutions and expert services. By optimizing processes, minimizing downtime, and enhancing both safety and environmental performance, Endress+Hauser empowers its Turkish clients to achieve remarkable results. Through close collaboration, they gain a profound understanding of each client’s specific needs, crafting solutions that are perfectly aligned with their unique challenges and aspirations.

Endress+Hauser's Solutions in Dubai's Industrial Sector

Endress+Hauser, a leading provider of industrial measurement and automation equipment, offers a range of solutions tailored to the needs of Dubai’s industrial sector. With its advanced instrumentation and expertise, Endress+Hauser plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability across various industries in Dubai.

In the oil and gas sector, Endress+Hauser provides solutions for precise level, flow, pressure, and temperature measurements, ensuring optimal production processes and compliance with industry standards. Their instrumentation helps in monitoring and controlling critical parameters in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and offshore installations, contributing to operational excellence and cost reduction.

In the water and wastewater industry, Endress+Hauser offers innovative solutions for accurate monitoring and management of water resources. Their instrumentation enables real-time measurement of water quality, flow rates, and levels, facilitating efficient water treatment processes and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. This is particularly vital in Dubai, where water scarcity is a significant concern, and efficient water management is essential for sustainable development.

In the power generation sector, Endress+Hauser provides instrumentation and automation solutions for reliable and safe operation of power plants, including thermal, nuclear, and renewable energy facilities. Their products help in monitoring parameters such as steam pressure, temperature, and gas flow, optimizing plant performance and ensuring uninterrupted power supply to meet Dubai’s growing energy demands.

Moreover, Endress+Hauser offers comprehensive services, including installation, calibration, and maintenance, to support their customers in Dubai throughout the lifecycle of their industrial assets. With their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Endress+Hauser continues to be a trusted partner for the industrial sector in Dubai, contributing to its growth and development.

Endress+Hauser's Solutions in Dubai's Industrial Sector

Endress+Hauser's Role in Dubai's Environmental Initiatives

One key area where Endress+Hauser contributes is in water management. Dubai faces challenges related to water scarcity and quality, and Endress+Hauser’s water monitoring and treatment solutions help in efficient utilization and conservation of water resources. By providing accurate measurement devices and sophisticated analysis tools, the company assists Dubai in monitoring water quality, detecting pollutants, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Additionally, Endress+Hauser’s expertise in process automation enables industries in Dubai to operate more efficiently and sustainably. By optimizing processes and reducing energy consumption, the company helps industries minimize their environmental footprint while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Furthermore, Endress+Hauser is committed to innovation and research in environmentally friendly technologies. The company invests in the development of new solutions aimed at reducing emissions, conserving resources, and mitigating environmental impact.

In collaboration with local authorities, industries, and environmental organizations, Endress+Hauser actively participates in initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in Dubai. By leveraging its expertise and technology, the company contributes to the city’s efforts to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

Partnerships with local institutions and organizations strengthen Endress+Hauser’s presence and impact in Dubai. Endress+Hauser in Dubai adheres to stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements to ensure customer satisfaction and compliance. In summary, Endress Hauser in Dubai serves as a trusted partner for industries seeking reliable solutions for their measurement and automation challenges.

Endress+Hauser in UAE (Dubai)

Deeply embedded within the vibrant landscape of Dubai, Endress+Hauser stands as a pillar of process automation expertise. From the towering oil rigs to the life-sustaining water treatment plants, their solutions empower a diverse range of industries across the UAE. Their comprehensive portfolio encompasses cutting-edge measurement instruments, analytical marvels, and seamlessly integrated automation solutions, all backed by a team of dedicated professionals. Endress+Hauser’s unwavering focus lies in helping clients optimize their operations, minimize disruptions, and prioritize both safety and environmental well-being. Through a collaborative approach, they delve into the unique needs of each client within the UAE, crafting bespoke solutions that exceed expectations and propel progress forward. 

Endress+Hauser in UAE (Dubai)

Emaad: Supplying Endress+Hauser Products in the Middle East

In the heart of the Middle East, Emaad stands tall as a leading supplier of Endress+Hauser’s innovative process automation solutions. From Iraq’s bustling cities to Oman’s serene landscapes, Emaad’s dedicated team works tirelessly to connect diverse industries with the tools they need to thrive. Their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction shines through, as they offer a comprehensive range of Endress+Hauser products and solutions, meticulously tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.
Emaad’s commitment to quality extends beyond its product offerings. Their team of experts fosters close relationships with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their specific requirements. This collaborative approach allows them to craft customized solutions that not only meet expectations but also exceed them, propelling businesses forward with increased efficiency and profitability.
As Endress+Hauser’s influence in the Middle East continues to expand, Emaad remains steadfast in its commitment. Leveraging its expertise and unwavering dedication, Emaad empowers businesses to embrace the future of process automation, ensuring reliable and efficient operations across the region.